AlpSib Platform: la piattaforma AlpSib

9 Dicembre 2019
The AlpSib Platform is a web platform providing case histories, communities of practice, project-investors matching opportunities, learning resources, technical assistance and an open access database of social outcomes and impacts indicators. It represents an output of the project and the added value is the joint approach for enabling the environment and the regulatory framework, in particular by developing a common method to impact procurement and measurement and an open access web platform to share data, tools, training materials.

In detail, the web platform has been developed in 5 areas: SOCIAL, where partners give general information on SII to a wide audience;

WORKSPACE where co-creative labs work with the Advisory Boards; E-LEARNING, where some training modules are at Stakeholders’ disposal; DATABASE and TOOLKIT where the SII instruments and data are shared to favour SII policy diffusion. CAPITAL-PROJECT Matching where social solutions meet investments.

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